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The Kitchenaid Professional 500 Series Stand Mixer

The kitchenaid professional 500 series stand mixer  Lift Bowl Mixer is specially designed for use in food preparation businesses. Fundamental differences from high power (500W versus 300W), and a more spacious bowl, which makes it possible for this mixer to easily cope with much larger work.

The mixer has a kitchenaid stand mixer , due to which in a matter of seconds it can cope with a large mass of dough (at the rate of 2.2 kg of flour), cream, egg yolk, meat, or vegetable mass. The essence of planetary mixing is that the nozzle rotates in one direction, and its base (drive) in the other. The result is a perfectly blended mass without lumps in record time, which you can never achieve with a household mixer.

Model kitchenaid stand mixer  Black Onyx is ideal for working in a restaurant kitchen, mini-bakery, club, supermarket, cooking, nursing home, and other organizations that require a relatively large amount of culinary production.

The motor speed is automatically controlled to maintain the same rotational speed despite varying engine load.

Overheating Protection System

The overheating protection system makes the kitchenaid professional 500 series stand mixer safe and durable. If the temperature is exceeded, the engine stops working. You can continue cooking the culinary masterpiece immediately after the engine has cooled down. The all-metal body and the mechanical drive, also made of metal, minimize the risk of overheating the mixer.

10-speed settings for the KitchenAid professional 500 series stand mixer  let you create absolutely any dough to the consistency you want.

The kitchenaid professional 500 series stand mixer comes with three whisk and mixing attachments. All attachments are made of durable stainless steel and coated with enamel.

You can also buy other kitchenaid stand mixer in our store. The attachment for KitchenAid Planetary Mixers is universal.

Complete set KitchenAid professional 500 series stand mixer :

  • Mixer
  • Bowl 6.9 L
  • Protective rim
  • Whisk attachment
  • Mixing nozzle
  • Instructions
  • Warranty card for 5 years


Bowl material Stainless steel
Input voltage 220-240 V
Input current frequency 50-60 Hz
Takes up space 41.7×37.1×33.8cm
Weighs 12.3kg
Number of speeds ten
Ice crushing capability
Power 500W
Non-slip base rubberized feet
Bowl capacity 6.9 l

We always list the current price for kitchenaid stand mixer on our website. You can ask us all your questions to our manager by phone or e-mail.

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Please note that you can also purchase a  KitchenAid professional 500 series stand mixer on credit. 

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