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If you’re a big fan of kitchen aid mixers and using their products for a long time then you should know their mixers are the best mixers in the world that works up to the notch and gives you a professional feeling. No other mixers can break the working record of KitchenAid mixers. These mixers will make your baking unchallenging and so entertaining. This mixer comes with many attachments so that you can manage to bake or cook anything you dream of. You don’t have to worry about the prepping especially when there is a lot of workload on you. 

You can make new recipes every day such as icecreams, garlic bread, gelatos, sorbets, and more. As soon as you start using your mixers you will learn about removing and fixing attachments, and it’s not as difficult as you think it should be. You will just have to practice it one time and you’ll be a pro in it.

There is a large preponderance of people that struggle while using such professional mixers. They get confused with a lot of things, how to use it, and what is the right place for different attachments. One of the most frequently asked questions was how to remove the kitchen aid mixer paddle

There are a whole lot of terms to describe what is exactly a mixer paddle? but in easy terms, the paddle is also called a flat beater because it’s flat. How does it work? It works by tugging all the ingredients around the bowl while allowing some of it to travel through its holes and become thoroughly mixed. Now answering the main question how to remove the paddle attachment?

  1. Make sure that you unplug the mixer, and also ensure that the speed control is turned off before you remove any attachment.
  2. Slide the lever to the unlock position and tilt back the mixer head.
  3. Remove the paddle by pushing the attachment up. Turn it clockwise and then pull downward.

See it’s that easy. These little instructions are also written on the carton or box in which your mixer comes up you can take a guide from there too.

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