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Berries are everyone’s favorite! Every single one loves to eat it whether they are adults or children, they taste like heaven, there are many types of berries and each berry has its own color and different taste. Some of the best types of berries are blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, strawberries, cranberries, and a lot more, they are all enriched in fibers and vitamins, and other minerals. They are also known as the perfect source of minerals you need to survive.

Kitchen Aid 5KSMFVSP Standard Accessories for Fruit and Vegetables is the best source to do raspberries in your kitchen aid mixer. They will easily be fixed in your kitchen aid mixers hub. It will easily puree fruit for your jams, sauces, and baby food,  Just place your ingredients onto the food tray and use the contained food pusher to guide the food towards the knife and plates. This is the perfect thing for your kitchen aid stand mixer so that you can do raspberries, you just have to follow the following steps for fine raspberries.

  1. Attach your fruit and vegetable strainer set to the power hub of your stand mixer.
  2. Now place your cooked raspberries in the fruit and vegetable strainer that uses the help of a food grinder to break down ingredients on the other hand the strainer cone removes any peels from the fruit.
  3. With the help of the food grinder all the raspberries are pureed and leave you with fine raspberry puree.

What else are you waiting for? Go and grab yours before it’s out of stock.

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