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Qvc Kitchenaid Stand Mixers

Amazon QVC Kitchenaid Stand Mixers:

Each culinary specialist puts his whole soul into his work, any dish bears the imprint of his individuality. qvc kitchenaid stand mixers considers their mixers to be an extension of the hands of a chef, delivering results so delicious that they can be compared to handcrafted products. For more than the first generation of chefs, Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer mixers have been chosen as the most reliable, most functional and most elegant. The secret of the reliability of these mixers is the design, which has remained practically unchanged for many decades. The mechanical drive, manufactured exclusively from high quality steel, gives the qvc kitchenaid stand mixers mixer high power and durability qvc kitchenaid stand mixers Artisan Mixer with 4.8L Bowl.

Working in 10 different speed settings

Easily handles the preparation of 2 kg. dough and can whip up to 12 whites or 1 liter of cream at a time. Working in 10 different speed settings, the mixer can mix, beat, knead the dough, freeing you from tedious manual work. A wide range of colors will allow you to find exactly the shade that will perfectly match the interior of your kitchen. To make the mixer even more functional, use the dedicated attachment drive to turn the mixer into a true culinary center. More than 15 different attachments allow you to process meat products and vegetables, prepare juices, salads and side dishes, homemade pasta and even get healthy grain flour at home.

Everyday life and in a professional kitchen

The Amazon American company Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer was founded in 1919 and began its activity with the production of mixers. It was qvc kitchenaid stand mixers that was the first company in history to create this appliance for the kitchen! To this day, the mixer is an indispensable tool both in everyday life and in a professional kitchen. The name of the company translates as “kitchen helper”. According to the story, the inventor of the mixer, engineer Herbert Johnston, who invited his wife to use the created miracle device, asked her what name to choose for it. In response, he heard: “It does not matter at all what this device will be called! But there hasn’t been a better helper for the kitchen yet. ” Soon, the qvc kitchenaid stand mixers Manufacturing Company was founded in Ohio, producing table-top household mixers.

New Series of K-series Mixers

Over the next three, more than 20,000 units of the G-series mixer were sold. In 1936, after the founder of the company Herbert Johnston hired designer Egmont Ahrens to develop a new design of the mixer, three models of the new series of K-series mixers were released. In 2009, Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer» Celebrated its 90th anniversary by launching a line of legendary mixers in a new color. The mixer of the new series was named “caramel apple”

Classic Planetary Mixer 5K45SSEWH / 5KSM45EWH is designed to produce homogeneous mixtures of dissimilar food products: liquids, fruits, berries, eggs, bulk products, and other ingredients. The device provides highly efficient mixing and grinding of products, which allows you to quickly obtain a food mixture with uniform consistency. With the help of a mixer, you can both prepare sauces and jams, as well as make the batter and prepare ingredients for baking.

The characteristic features of the amazon qvc kitchenaid stand mixers Classic 5KSM45EWH mixer:

  • The volume of the removable bowl is 4.28 liters;
  • engine operation is provided at 10 speeds;
  • the bowl is made of stainless steel;
  • the body is white.

Add. those. characteristics:

  • Bowl volume: 4.28 l
  • Number of speeds: 10
  • Dimensions in packing: 420х280х420 mm
  • Rotation speed of the mixing body: from 58 to 220 rpm
  • Bowl coating: matt
  • Noise level: 78 dBA
  • Dimensions: 220х350х440 mm
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Power: 0.25 kW
  • Net weight: 10, 45 Kg

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