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West Point

The United States Military Academy, known as West Point or Army West Point, is an all male, professional service academy located in West Point, New York. Established in 1795, it is one of the oldest military academies in the United States. Consisting of only five hundred students, it was originally intended as a drill force but later changed to become a military academy for the United States Army Air Service.As it is, the Academy has its traditions and history.

Formal classes at the Academy are attended by students who have proven themselves through their four years of service in the military. At each ceremony students will be given an official commission. Once students graduate from West Point, they will be commissioned as officers and will serve two years in the Army before going on to receive advanced traineeships at the Air Force School in Quantico, California.Unlike many colleges that require you to live on campus, students who wish to enroll will be accepted if they show that they can afford to live in the vicinity of the Academy.

To do this you will need to submit an application for a room and board. This will be reviewed by the admissions office and then if you qualify you will be considered for admission. However, you will not be guaranteed admission into the school. It depends on several factors including your grades, your SAT or ACT scores, and your volunteer activities.


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