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Progressive Nut Chopper With Non-Skid Base


Prepworks by Progressive Nut Chopper makes it an easy task to create delicious toppings for sundaes, cookies, brownies, salads, and more! Easily switch between fine and coarse grinds by changing the direction of the turn handle. The chopped nuts fall into the clear base with measurements to get the perfect amount for recipes. Features a fine and coarse chop, and a clear base with measurements (measures up to 1 and 1/2cups.) Remove the base to chop nuts directly over food or the perfect garnish. Easy-grip domed lid and nonslip base to keep the chopper stable during use.
For over 40 years, our mission has been to create innovative kitchen tools and gadgets that make food preparation fun and fast while inspiring culinary creativity. From our thinstore™ collapsible to our sophisticated PL8™ line, our dedication to providing quality products supported by superior customer service continues to drive our creative development today.

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