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ANEX quick hand mixer Good shape


  • Best Quality
  • Easy to chop the cucumber, peppers, onions, eggs, etc
  • Also use for spin-dry fruit, dry lettuce, whisk meringues, whisk eggs

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KitchenAid Hand Mixer

The KitchenAid stand mixer is an excellent piece of equipment to have. I have been using it for several years now, and while it is not as fast as my trusty old KitchenAid stand mixers, it gets the job done. Having the ability to mix or knead doughs and use the dough hook to turn dough into goods, I have so much more flexibility with my bread and cakes. The KitchenAid stand mixers really live up to their name, as they are very versatile and hard working. After a life of using both the stand mixers and the hand mixers for making doughs, cakes, frostings, and all other things in between, I am pretty sure that the KitchenAid stand mixers are a great addition to just about any kitchen. And if you are looking for something really good, they can make your whole morning just a bit more prepared and smooth.

There are a lot of attachments that you can buy for your KitchenAid stand mixer and some of them you may already have. The most common attachments you will find are the flat beater, the dough hook, and the paddle attachment. With these tools, you can do a lot of things like make noodles, crackers, cakes, pies, and hamburgers. If you are a real gourmet cook like me, then you are probably thinking about the whisk, pastry, griddle, and sub whisk attachments that are available for purchase with your KitchenAid.

These things can help you make anything from macaroni to oatmeal cookies, to pancakes, bagels, and anything else under the sun. Probably the most useful piece of the kitchen aid family is the splatter maker. You will want to be careful when using it, but this little nifty tool will make the icing, cake pops, and ice cream looks so much better. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the bowl, turn on the mixer, and splatter! It’s simple, fast, and really easy to use!


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