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Mint Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Mint Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 4.8L Planetary Mixer

The 4.8L Planetary Mixer is a reliable companion that will open up new culinary possibilities for you. With the included stainless steel accessories (whisk, mixing paddle and dough hook), you can quickly knead the baking dough, whip meringue, and even make mashed potatoes. The Mint Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is made of zinc, which will allow it to do its job for many years. In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty. The mixer is equipped with metal switches and enameled in various exquisite colors. Kitchenaid Mint mixer has speeds from 1 to 10, which can be easily switched using a convenient lever. A permanent drive motor efficiently converts electrical energy into mixer power. The set includes stainless steel bowls with a capacity of 4.8 l and 3 l, which make work easier and save you the trouble of washing the bowl when working with different ingredients. At the end of the work, the bowls and accessories can be washed in the dishwasher, and the body can be wiped clean. Plus, you can use a range of optional accessories (sold separately by KitchenAid) with it.
With an elegant design with flowing, rounded shapes, available in several colors, you can find the perfect mixer for you. Thanks to the planetary rotation of the bench mixer, mixing ingredients has never been easier. Great results – with little effort. The device rotates in one direction and the whisk in the other, constantly pushing the ingredients towards the center of the bowl.

Convenient, simple, and straightforward, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is made from the most durable materials and is ready to take on the challenge. It can handle anything from sticky mixtures to thick doughs. The KitchenAid Planetary Mixer adapts to your needs – a range of accessories, from grinder to food processor (sold separately by KitchenAid). Just insert them into the device and go! You can cook whatever you want.


This stainless steel stand mixer combines strength and elegance. It is easy to clean, shock, and scratch resistant and has an irresistible style. Unleash your creativity and let the chef inside you shine.


• Quiet, confident and constant operation without interruptions and vibrations.
• Two bowls for a quick change of mixed ingredients.
• Molded body without plastic parts.
• Protective rim with a hole.


• A wire whisk to add fluffiness to your blends.
• The mixing paddle for thick mixtures from puree to glaze gives them the desired consistency.
• The kneading hook is ideal for all types of dough. Use it to make pasta, pizza, and bread.
• The protective rim is ideal to prevent ingredients from spilling out as they are added to the bowl. Refuel your mixes by keeping your kitchen tidy.
• Main bowl with 4.8 l stainless steel handle. gives the mixer a perfect look. It adds elegance and beauty to your kitchen.
• Additional 3L bowl so you don’t have to wash the main bowl all the time. Do you need two different mixes for your recipe? We have already taken care of this.
Spend time on more enjoyable and interesting things, and trust the KitchenAid Mint Functional Mixer to chop, whisk and stir food!

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