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When it comes to the choices of colors not everyone is a pro in it. Colors play a very important role in our lives, it changes our mood, and make us lively, if there is no colors in our lives, there would be no joy. Kitchen aid always makes sure that they keep their customers happy and satisfied, they have a huge range of color choices in their products they make sure to put every single color so that it matches each and everyone’s personality. There is a large preponderance of people that loves to buy black, red, white, pink, and others! But what if I say they are having a milkshake color? Yes! They are having a yummy milkshake color.


This Milkshake Kitchenaid mixer is made up of pure stainless steel, which has a powerful motor of 325 watts which is eco-friendly and works as fast as other professional mixers, and makes your daily work smooth. Talking about the dimensions of the item the length is, 8.7 inches; the width is 14.1 inches; the height is 13.9 inches. Besides this, the overall weight of the item is 22.8 pounds. The model name of this milkshake Kitchenaid mixer is artisan series. It has 10+ speeds for every different task and recipe that you can make every day without any difficulty and enjoy new recipes daily. This mixer comes with 5-quart stainless steel which has a comfortable handle with it that helps in carrying the bowl from one place to another.

Go and grab yours now before it’s out of stock.


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