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Amazon Kitchenaid Stone Island 9-Burner Grill Model 860-0003c

Amazon Kitchenaid Stone Island 9-Burner Grill Model 860-0003c

Kitchen aid is well known in the market of kitchen appliances for delivering quality and variety. From stand mixers to stoves and conversion kits, they are satisfying their customer’s demands to their fullest. The gas conversion kit is now very worthwhile these days. The kitchen aid has launched their Amazon kitchenaid stone island 9-burner grill model 860-0003c which will handily convert your natural gas to propane gas grill or propane gas grill to natural gas. 

Kitchen aid has made all sorts of cooking easy at home, the desire of becoming a chef at home, cooking, and baking the luscious food by doing all kinds of experiments are now not very hard to do. The kitchen aid stone island 9-burner grill natural gas conversion kit is the new proof of this. All kinds of cooking can be done at your place by purchasing these kitchen appliances from kitchen aid, they not only sell variety but also quality. Your money investment will not be wasted if you shop from kitchen aid

The Amazon Kitchenaid stone island 9-burner grill model 860-0003c natural gas conversion kit includes the following features; 

  • 6 mm nut driver.
  • Hex key.
  • Natural gas regulator.
  • 5.9 in. NG regulator hose.
  • 10 ft. natural gas hose with a quick connector. 
  • 6mm wrench. 

The conversion kit tools are of guaranteed quality and the kit not only works for few months, but if you keep this kit with good care it lasts longer and will benefit you to the fullest while you are grilling or making barbecues at your home.

The other tools that you need to induct the kit are pipe thread sealant, 6 mm socket wrench, pliers, screwdriver and adjustable wrench, these tools will induct the kit easily. The conversion kit is no difficult to use, the instructions are lists in the instruction book. The kit is no danger to use if you follow the instructions appropriately.

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