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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Raspberry Ice


The perfect choice for your kitchen!

Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Raspberry Ice
Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Raspberry Ice

Your faithful partner in the kitchen is the Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Raspberry Ice– the highest quality and durability in every detail. The unique 4.8-liter volumetric bowl does not limit your fantasies at all, allowing you to work wonders. Mix and grind, whisk and grind, this novelty has delighted the best chefs in Europe, and has found application in the professional kitchens of the world’s best restaurants.
Elegant, reliable and easy to use, our mixer is designed for mixing not only dough of various consistencies, but also many other products. The spacious 4.8 l bowl and 300 W power fully satisfy your desires.
Strong and durable, it will delight you for a long time with its flawless work, and a special protective casing will not give you even the slightest chance of injuring your hands.

Allow yourself a little miracle with a mixer ARTISAN Aid Kitchen (Kitchen Aid Artisan)
Such an assistant is absolutely indispensable in the kitchen. It will save you from manual operations and allow you to devote more time to culinary fantasies. The Artisan stationary mixer will not take up much space in your kitchen, but it will allow you to:

• pamper yourself and your family with delicious biscuits and cocktails;
• mix, grind or beat any products (dough of various consistencies, minced meat, eggs, cream, etc.);
• keep all surfaces clean thanks to the protective cover and power adjustment;
• in addition, the convenient holder of the bowl will not allow it to move during operation.
The magnificent design of Amazon KitchenAid ARTISAN fits so well into the interior of any kitchen that when you see it on our website, you will instantly imagine a mixer in your home! Don’t take away the pleasure of owning the world’s most popular mixer. (KitchenAid)
The engineers of our company are well aware of how much labor and time it takes to prepare a delicious dinner. After all, you need not only to clean, but also to cut, chop and mix the products, and therefore we have tried to make your work as easy as possible. In the kit we offer:

• a wire whisk for quick beating of eggs, whites and cream. Plus, you can make great sauces and mayonnaise without the extra effort;
• Mixing paddle. It will help you prepare thick muffin mixes, icing, and your puree will now always be free of lumps;
• a hook attachment made of durable aluminum with a nylon coating, for kneading yeast dough for making bread, pizza, pasta;
• Large 4.8 liter bowl made of polished stainless steel with a comfortable ergonomic handle. It is dishwasher safe.
• The protective rim is a 2-in-1 attachment. It is excellent at keeping food from splashing and the pouring spout allows you to add ingredients while mixing. Transparent plastic does not hide the process, and you always know when to stop.

All accessories are made of durable aluminum and covered with silicone, which greatly extends the service life and makes cleaning easier.

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