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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Green

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Green – stationary mixer for professional activities and for home confectionery. Working power 300 watts. The set includes 2 bowls of 4.8 l and 3 l made of stainless metal and 4 replaceable nozzles.
The Kitchen Aid Stationary Mixer uses a unique planetary mixing technology: the exchangeable nozzle moves in the opposite direction of its drive. This is Kitchen Aid’s own development, which was successfully implemented over 40 years ago and has been working smoothly to this day.
The Ripe Green KitchenAid 5KSM175PSEGA mixer sits securely on the countertop with discreet rubberized feet on the bottom of the multifunctional food processor. The main function of these stands is to prevent the mixer from moving randomly over the surface of the table and not to scratch it.
Stainless steel is the only material that makes up the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Green, from the body to the smallest and smallest motor part. You will not find a single plastic part in this unit. Because reliability is the trademark of KitchenAid.
The body of the Kitchen Aid Artisan stationary mixer is covered with a dense layer of special enamel paint, the surface of which is protected from accidental scratches.
Using additional attachments to the mixer, you will turn your Kitchen Aid into a full-fledged food processor, with the help of which you can easily prepare both ice cream, minced meat or vegetable salad, and real Italian pasta of any thickness.
Specifications Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Green:
• Bowl material – stainless steel
• Bowl capacity 4.8 l
• Non-slip mixer base
• 10 speeds
• Input voltage 220-240 V
• Input frequency 50-60 Hz
• Power 300 W
• Takes place: 36.2×22.2×36.2 cm
• Weighs: 10.6 kg
Complete set KitchenAid 5KSM175PSEGA:
1. Stationary mixer – 1 pc .;
2. Whisk attachment (whisk) – 1 pc .;
3. Nozzle for uniform mixing (paddle) – 1 pc .;
4. Nozzle for thick mixtures (paddle with flexible rib) – 1 pc.
5. Dough attachment (hook) – 1 pc .;
6. Bowl 4.8 l – 1 pc.;
7. Bowl 3 l – 1 pc.
8. Protective rim-cover for the bowl – 1 pc .;
9. Instructions in Russian;
10. Warranty card for 5 years.
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