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A cookbook from the owner of three Michelin stars as a gift!


When you buy a 6.9 liter Artisan mixer, you get a cookbook from three Michelin star Sergio Erman as a gift .


about the author

The author of the kitchenaid stand mixer cookbooks With The Best, renowned Dutch chef of the Oud Sluis restaurant, Sergio Erman, in 2011 became the first recipient of the highest GaultMillau score for cooking outside of France – 20 out of 20 possible. It also holds three Michelin stars, one of the most influential restaurant ratings.

Over the years Sergio Erman has been known as the author of various cookbooks and has developed several exclusive recipes specially for KitchenAid, adapted to use the various functions of the new KitchenAid mixer, in particular for preparing meals for large portions.


The 6.9 L KitchenAid Artisan Mixer delivers great results and is a pleasure to work with. To prove this, we invited Sergio Erman, chef of the renowned Dutch restaurant Oud Sluis and holder of three Michelin stars, to create a collection of exclusive recipes. He will also share some secrets with readers, such as how to create several delicious dishes from one basic recipe.




Sergio draws his inspiration from all corners of the world to create unique combinations of flavors, and it is thanks to this passion that he has gained a reputation as one of the best chefs in the country.

Sergio’s recipes will make a lasting impression on your guests – be it a friendly meeting, a family celebration, a party or a fashionable nightclub.

We hope you enjoy our 6.9 liter Artisan mixer and that this book will take its rightful place in your kitchen.



Below are just some of the recipes from the book


Pasta dough

This pasta dough recipe can be used in making any pasta dough recipe. All you have to do is cut the finished dough into sheets for lasagna or ravioli, or pass the dough through knives to chop noodles or spaghetti.


Strudel dough

Making strudel dough is easy because you don’t have to worry about the dough being too thick. But to roll it out, a large working surface is needed. This dough can be used to make savory and sweet strudels, or substitute for puff pastry.


Loose shortcrust pastry

This crumbly shortbread dough contains a large amount of butter, making it ideal for baking cookies. Prepared by whipping. You can add lemon zest, vanilla seeds, ground nuts, and even finely chopped herbs like rosemary or thyme to the main recipe.


Shortcrust pastry for pies

In this recipe for shortbread dough, butter is taken half as much as flour.

Therefore, it is ideal for savory and sweet cakes. In the second case, choose a sweet dough recipe. This dough is always prepared using the bread crumbs method.


Unleavened puff pastry

Unleavened puff pastry is easier to prepare than yeast puff pastry, but it has the same butter flavor and just as deliciously crunchy. Unleavened puff pastry freezes easily.


Choux pastry

During baking, the choux dough doubles in volume, so leave enough space when placing it on the baking sheet. If you pour a glass of water into the oven while baking the choux pastry, steam will form and the dough rises better. Choux pastry can be used to make savory and sweet pastries.



Making your own mayonnaise is a snap and your efforts will pay off. The basic recipe can be varied by experimenting with different additives and flavors. Below are some additional recipes.

Tomato sauce

Any chef needs a good recipe for a delicious tomato sauce. It is the basis for many different dishes: pasta sauces, pizza toppings, a variety of stews and even soups.



Bechamel sauce

This classic white sauce is a must-have for every chef. The sauce can be varied by adding spices and herbs to taste.



The traditional pesto is basil-based, but you can add other herbs like mint, cilantro, parsley, sage, and even arugula to it.



Real vanilla ice cream

This is a basic recipe that is great for making ice cream with

any tastes.



Lemon shortbread with fennel

The shortbread biscuits become crisper when corn flour is added. Shortbread cookies can be stored in a plastic container for a week. If desired, you can use salted butter, which gives the cookie a sophisticated and unusual salty flavor.



Mont Blanc macaroons

This small macaroon can be filled with a variety of fillings and layers. The macaroons in this recipe are reminiscent of the classic French dessert Mont Blanc, which is made from crispy meringues with whipped cream and sweet chestnut puree.



Mashed potatoes with saffron

This recipe was inspired by French chef Joel Robuchon and his signature dish – mashed potatoes with lots of milk and butter. The recipe is not for the faint of heart!



Italian meringue with pink pepper

Unlike French meringues, which are cooked with regular sugar, Italian meringues are made with hot sugar syrup. To the main meringue recipe, you can add any spices and aromatic additives to taste. The meringues can be made in pairs, using whipped cream, whipped cream with wine, or chocolate ganache as an interlayer).



Custard pastry cream

This is a classic custard pastry cream, the taste and aroma of which can be varied to taste. They can be stuffed with pies, choux pastry buns, cakes, and can also be used in mousses.


Custard vanilla cream

Although European culinary experts often call this cream in the French manner – creme anglaise, it was invented in England. This is a classic sweet sauce, the taste and aroma of which can be varied by adding a variety of toppings and flavors.



Whipped cream with gin and tonic

This is a kind of “English answer” to the French recipe for whipped cream with vanilla and sugar. They are simultaneously spicy, heady, thick and fluffy. Instead of gin and sparkling wine, you can add any spirits, liquor or wine to taste. The cream can be served immediately or stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.



Focaccia with cherry tomatoes and basil

Author’s recipe for Italian focaccia bread. It is traditionally prepared with olive oil and generously sprinkled with coarse sea salt for a mouth-watering crunch.

olive oil and sprinkle generously with coarse sea salt for a delicious crunch.


Orange Jam Donuts

With a bitter orange jam filling and tea-colored icing, these traditional American breakfast donuts have an English flavor. Serve the donuts warm (or as fresh as possible) with heavy ghee or mascarpone.



A true Parisian breakfast is impossible without a cup of coffee with milk and croissants. But these crescent-shaped buns are just as good with sweet or spicy fillings, such as mascarpone cheese and canned figs, or brie cheese and tomato chutney.


Grain bread with walnuts and honey

Wheat grains are added to Granary whole grain flours to produce malt. They give our grain bread a pleasant nutty flavor, which is emphasized by walnuts and nut butter. If you can’t buy this flour, use mixed baking flour instead.

Cold Guacamole with Cherry Tomato Salsa
To surprise your guests during your summer party, prepare guacamole as a savory ice cream. This original way of serving helps to soften the hot taste of the chili pepper.

French onion soup with toast, herbs and cheese

This thick winter soup is a classic French recipe. An interesting result can be achieved by making red onion soup and replacing part of the broth with red wine. Season with rosemary instead of thyme.


Pumpkin soup with crispy sage leaves and almond crumbs

Pumpkin soup is a traditional winter dish that allows you to feel real home comfort. It is served with crispy crumbs and toasted sage leaves, which make the soup thicker and more flavorful.


Tzatziki sauce with cucumber granite

This delicious Greek sauce can be served with bread as a stand-alone dish. Alternatively, it can be included in a platter in combination with Taramasalata and Eggplant Caviar. Tzatziki sauce will look more elegant when arranged in glasses and garnished with cucumber granite and crispy pita slices.

Red cabbage, beetroot and cranberry salad

This salad tastes even better the next day, acquiring its characteristic flavor and aroma. Serve with cold meat or cheese.


Minestrone with traditional Italian gremolada seasoning

Minestrone is a completely self-contained dish that is usually served with crispbread or aromatic garlic bread. If desired, you can use white beans instead of red and white beans.


Air hummus

This is how hummus should be served in the twenty-first century. Either way, this recipe is definitely worth a try. However, for lovers of the classics, here is a classic recipe.


Bruschetta with garlic and mushrooms

Bruschetta is Italian toast, grated with garlic, on which you can

put grilled or raw vegetables, cheese and herbs. They are good to serve as a snack.


Pizza “Margarita”

One of the first Italian pizzas, whose birthplace is Naples, was created to honor the visit of Queen Margarita.This recipe is designed for the preparation of two pizzas.


German fried sausages with sauerkraut

These sausages are popular far beyond Germany. Serve them with sauerkraut to create the atmosphere of a true German brasserie.


Lasagne bolognese

This classic lasagne can be prepared very quickly if the ingredients are prepared in advance. This dish can be easily turned into a cannelloni bolognese.


American style steaks with French fries

Americans mistakenly call French fries “French fries”, even though their homeland is Belgium. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is a national Belgian dish. Just remember to deep-fry the potatoes twice, and then the result will surpass all expectations.


Cabbage and potato growth

There are a great many recipes for these potato cutlets. You can add other vegetables, cheese, herbs, or even slices of bacon, crab meat, smoked fish, etc. to them. The rosti cooked according to my recipe will be an excellent side dish for fried sausages with cranberry puree.


Apple strudel with blackberries and almonds

Traditionally, only apples are put in this German pie, but I decided to diversify them with blackberries. You can also use blueberries, or even substitute cherries, pears, or bananas for apples. Chocolate is a delightful addition to this dish, soaking the fruit during baking.


Black forest cherry cakes

Black Forest Cherry Cake is a famous German dessert that perfectly combines juicy cherries and the heady aroma of cherry liqueur. Here I offer my own version of this classic recipe.


Blueberry muffins with salted caramel and pecans

Muffins are fluffier if the dough is not kneaded for too long. The Australian version of these classic American muffins uses macadamia instead of pecans, and lime zest instead of vanilla.



These savory German gingerbread cookies are often prepared for Christmas. You can bake them in different shapes, thread ribbons through them, and hang these edible decorations on the Christmas tree.

Pavlova cakes with whipped cream, tropical fruits and jasmine
This dessert is named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova, whose pack reminded Auguste Escoffier of an airy meringue. There is one secret when preparing it: to achieve a combination of a crispy outer shell and a soft core, you must add corn flour and vinegar to the dough. Midori is a melon liqueur.

Marbled Chocolate Cupcake

The muffin is so called because one half of the dough is prepared with the addition of white chocolate, and the other half is dark. Both types of dough are mixed during baking, which creates a marble effect.


Raspberry ricotta pancakes with banana and honey butter

American pancakes are smaller and thicker than French pancakes. They are amazingly absorbing all kinds of aromas. Honey with truffles has an unusual aroma, but it goes well with bananas and slightly salty pancakes.


Coconut ice cream with lime

The taste of lime is simply divinely combined with the taste of coconut. Serve this gourmet dessert with pineapple carpaccio) or the inverted Tatan pie with pineapple and Espelete peppers.


Italian biscotti with dried cherries, pistachios and Sichuan pepper

These dry Italian biscuits are baked twice, as evidenced by the name: biscotti in Italian means “twice cooked”. Traditionally, biscotti is eaten dipped in Vin Santo, a Tuscan dessert wine, but it will be just as good with a cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate.

Belgian chocolate waffles

The combination of waffles and chocolate is the real Belgian dessert. You can use pears, mangoes, or strawberries instead of bananas. The Speculas ice cream is a traditional Belgian ice cream. It can be replaced with any ice cream with spices: cinnamon, cloves.


Cake “Anna Pavlova” with strawberries

Named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this Australian meringue dessert is garnished with any seasonal fresh fruit.



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