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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 8 QT

There are so many different kinds of food mixers, but none of them comes close to what this one does when it comes to performance and durability, making it a much more useful tool than any other model we’ve ever tested.

When our team tested its performance over and over again and was continually blown away by how great it felt when working on foods that were too large or heavy to fit on the counter, we knew it had something magical about it. And as a longtime user myself, I’m pretty sure we all know exactly what kind of magic that magical feeling means. Not only does this one feel fantastic when you’re cooking with it, but also Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 8 QT performs amazingly well in those “cooking for an hour” scenarios! Whether you want to make two cups of coffee or four servings of lasagna and sauce, this machine will handle whatever your needs and goals.

In fact, my favorite part about it is that it’s easy to use in almost every way you’d imagine. You don’t have to think about it at all. Just turn it on (it doesn’t need to be preheated), add ingredients to the mister, place them in order and you’re good to go. From mixing eggs and sugar together to adding cheese when making pasta, there really isn’t anything tricky needed when using this kitchen tool. It can do everything I could need it to. That’s why people tell us they swear by Kitchenaid.

What Really Hides Behind This Model?

The biggest question we asked ourselves when considering buying this appliance was how long it would last. We spent a lot of time looking to see if we could truly trust Kitchenaid to create something durable enough for multiple functions. Well, that wasn’t the case here. What surprised me the most is just how much its longevity means for regular home use. Yes, I admit the kitchen is big on storage space — but only up until a point. Once the work ends, the kitchen will be empty. So even though it takes up quite a bit of storage, I would say it has more storage than any other similar desktop Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 8 QT. Plus it can easily double as a freezer so you can refrigerate leftovers rather quickly, plus it can even freeze items before throwing out them due to their perishability (thanks Kitchenaid!).

Another thing worth mentioning regarding the longevity of this particular machine is just how versatile it can be. When you need a very small batch of things to make, you’ll love it. With some larger batches, a smaller amount of liquid may need to be added during the process, so you’ll definitely need this. If you want to run out of large batches of coffee, milk, or soy sauce without having to start from scratch, you’ll be happy to hear. Lastly, after just about any amount of time, the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 8 QT starts to die, and once the machine dies and it no longer supports the weight of all your food, there’s nothing else you can do in terms of saving money when shopping around for new equipment. On top of that though, the company did provide a lifetime guarantee of this model. So, for that alone, there are several reasons why Kitchenaid is still so popular and why consumers are willing to spend the extra money.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s a versatile platform, and with lots of different models available today, its appeal still seems endless. It supports many brands and works great with smoothies and soups, making it one of the best kitchen appliances for anyone looking to get started quickly and learn how to use this specific piece of kitchenware. But when you get to the end, there’s nothing else to do aside from putting the work down and enjoying your drink without thinking about how many cups of coffee you’ve ruined by yourself. Which is exactly what this device is so good at doing.

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