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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 6 Quart Glass Bowl

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 6 Quart Glass Bowl

There are utensils, by the presence of which you can distinguish a professional chef from an amateur. For example, Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 6 Quart Glass Bowl. Casual people in the kitchen can do without such bowls, replacing them with a saucepan or stewpan. But those whose real hobby is cooking, and even more so professionals when whipping proteins, kneading dough, making creams and sauces, will use only mixing bowls and nothing else. And of course, the professional chef will have these bowls made of stainless steel, and by no means plastic or glass. Why? The answer is simple: stainless steel mixing bowls are lightweight and durable, they won’t break or shatter, but they are easy to clean and not afraid of high temperatures.

If your goal is to get the best stainless steel mixing bowls, you should opt for the KELA Athos range from the leading German cookware and kitchenware manufacturer KELA. These bowls are made of food grade stainless steel, they are matte on the outside (there are no fingerprints on such a surface), and polished glossy inside. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 6 Quart Glass Bowl can be used for mixing ingredients and preparing food, as well as serving ready-made meals. Thanks to their stylish design and attractive appearance, it is not a shame to put KELA Athos suits even on a festive table.

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