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Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 220 Volts

Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 220 Volts

Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 220 Volts is used to create different types of dough: from batter for pancakes to steep masses for making pizza, bread, buns, and other bakery products. The device operates on a regular 220-volt power supply, due to which it can be used on the territory of small enterprises and generally everywhere.

Design And Operation Features Of Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 220 Volts:
• planetary mixing system;
• electromechanical control system provides the possibility of smooth speed control;
• removable bowl has a volume of 5 liters;
• folding working head, in which the mixing body is mounted;
• the material of the bowl is stainless steel;
• the model includes 3 mixing organs: a hook, a flat bitter, and a whisk for liquid mixtures;
• the body is made of white-painted steel.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

220 Volts is versatile in use. The small volume of the working area of mixing allows the device to be used in the territory of small bakeries and restaurants. The equipment is suitable for intensive use.

characteristics: Bowl
volume: 5 l
Overall dimensions: 380x235x375 mm
Power: 0.5 kW
Voltage: 220 V
Current frequency: 50 Hz
Current type: 1-phase
Type: planetary
Weight: 13.8 kg
Number of engine speeds: smooth speed control
Complete set: dough hook, flat beater, whisk
Body material: painted steel
Timer presence: no
Bowl type: removable
Working head type: folding

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