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Kitchenaid Refurbished Stand Mixer

This is an excellent choice for the budget conscious as it has a stylish look available in three different colors – white, black and red. The unit comes with many features such as multiple bowl sizes, adjustable speed, variable basket capacity, one-touch change or manual mode, digital display for easy measuring and mixing, 2.7L large capacity, 3 cup carafe water reservoir, stainless steel interior, 4 burners, 6 function buttons and many more.

KITCHENAID REFURBISHED STAND MIXERThe appliance has been installed with professional installation and was professionally cleaned before being sent to us. We have ensured that these units have undergone extensive tests and safety requirements. Kitchenaid refurbished stand mixer appliances were selected mainly due to their compact size and convenient storage options. The unit has also passed all UL standards and certifications including ETL, ANSI 61, ASIL B and C. Also, we have made several upgrades that make them more desirable than previous style models. Since this item is a high-end market model, most customers are looking for additional amenities and special features. It is priced slightly higher than other similar products, but you are getting great value.

Kitchenaid Refurbished Stand Mixer Specifications

  • Capacity Capacity: 500ml
  • Volume Per Minute: 5-18 Gph (Maximum)
  • Power: 1500 Watts Max
  • Temperature: 200°C
  • Operating temperature range: 80°C / 176°C

Other Key Features in Kitchenaid Refurbished Stand Mixer (for further information regarding the specs) Dimensions of the Stand Mixer 1-by-18-inch Square Shape (Height X Width x Weight) Length: 12.5 inches W x 17.5 inches H Color Options White Black Size 12.5 inches x 21.5 cm x 12.5 inches Weight: 11 lbs Warranty – Limited Lifetime (2 years + 30,000 hours labor) Source Brand name KitchenAid.

Heavy Duty Kitchenaid Mixer

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