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Kitchenaid – Professional 500 Series Stand Mixer


Any modern housewife secretly dreams of having at least a couple of extra hands in the kitchen. The Kitchen Aid mixer from the exclusive Heavy Duty series will replace a whole horde of professional chefs, because there are no impossible tasks for it in the kitchen. Now you can forever forget about bulky juicers and useless combines, weak mixers and meat grinders, the parts of which have to be collected for ages. All these devices will be immediately replaced by one stationary handsome man!

The gorgeous kitchen machine will transform daily food preparation from a boring routine into an exciting adventure. And the successful completion of each stage of the quest will surely inspire you to even brighter achievements in the culinary arts. Tabletop device from a trusted American brand:

  • will reveal the variety of meat dishes, thanks to a huge selection of attachments – chop, grind, turn any basis into minced meat in no time;
  • will help you feel like a true connoisseur of Italian cuisine and master the most sophisticated pasta recipes;
  • will teach you the principles of healthy eating – cutting vegetables and fruits is available in any convenient way – from slices to cubes;
  • Take care of a vitamin breakfast for your well-being for the whole day using a juicer;
  • replaces a full-fledged mill that makes all types of flour at home, grinds the freshest coffee beans or turns sugar into powder;
  • will delight you with your favorite dessert – ice cream – without having to go to the store.

The kitchenaid – professional 500 series stand mixer Heavy Duty is available in a variety of sizes – from 4.8 to 6.9 L – in a sleek white or stylish red.

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