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Amazon Kitchenaid Pro 620 Stand Mixer

Buy Now KitchenAid Limited Edition Pro 620 Stand Mixer

Power and grace combined with impressive performance – this is the brief description of the Amazon American kitchenaid pro 620 stand mixer. The large volume of the bowl and the possibility of long-term work without the need for rest have made this model in demand among professionals and amateurs of the culinary arts.

Everything is possible with it: quick mixing of ingredients for a breakfast for two and preparation of a sumptuous dinner for 20 people. After all, Kitchenaid Stand Mixer saves you time by processing several times more food than another manufacturer’s food processor.

Cooking with the Kitchen Aid multifunctional mixer is not just a technical performance of the necessary kitchen “operations”, but real magic! Having once cooked a charlotte with it or chopped ingredients for a salad, you, as if attracted by a magnet, will look for time and an excuse to work with it again.


The Amazon kitchenaid pro 620 stand mixer with a huge 6.9 L bowl is the real king in the kitchen. You can choose a variety of attachments for it in accordance with your tasks: whether it is cutting salad into cubes, making the perfect cream or homemade pasta. This home appliance is capable of literally anything.

And its main advantage is the speed and quality of product processing. No lumps, undivided cubes, ugly shavings or torn dough. The clever bowl design ensures complete mixing of the ingredients, and the sharp-bladed attachments give them the perfect shape.

The ARTISAN model comes standard with the following items:

• stainless steel whisk with frequent oval rods – creates delicate, smooth mousses and creams, prepares cocktails like a pro;
• polished steel bowl – robust, large and durable;
• dough kneading hook – made of stainless steel, so it will not break even during intensive work. Copes with the preparation of thick dough flawlessly – like the best French baker;
• steel paddle for mixing – gives creams, sauces and batter a perfect, slightly thick and dense texture;
• The splash guard is an indispensable accessory for a powerful mixer.
You can expand the package at any time – Amazon KitchenAid attachments are always in stock.


The planetary mixer is equipped with a special shock-resistant plastic rim. Its walls carefully block the path of splashes without interfering with the powerful operation of the device. But this is not all that is included in the protection kit:
• wide funnel – placed on the rim and allows you to load the necessary products at any time without stopping the mixer;
• lifting mechanism – securely fixes the bowl, prevents accidental switching on of the device.
The mixer is easy to maintain: the absence of textured parts prevents liquid products from spoiling the appearance. Leftovers of sauces and other components are removed from all working parts of the Amazon kitchen machine with warm water and soap.


The Amazon multifunctional mixer Kitchen Aid significantly surpasses many models in technical characteristics. Its motors have 1.3 horsepower hidden in them, but the device is very quiet. An all-metal die-cast body is responsible for this. Despite the impressive power, it needs very little electricity.

Forget about the ingredients sticking to the sides of the bowl! The planetary system guarantees perfect mixing, because the directions of rotation of the working head and the whisk are different.


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