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Hello! Baking freaks, are you looking for a professional Kitchen Aid OTR microwave? Well, you don’t need to worry because kitchen aid always makes sure that their customers are always satisfied with their services and fulfill their needs by manufacturing every single thing that they want. As you know they have the world’s best kitchen aid mixers, refrigerators and etc. Will you believe that they also have the most professional kitchen aid OTR microwave? Yes, they have the best microwaves you’ll ever use for your everyday baking and cooking chores. And believe me, you’ll never regret it using and there is no coming back.

30″ 1000-Watt Microwave Hood Combination is one of the best-selling products of Kitchen Aid, this microwave has three beautiful colors that are black, grey, and white, the clever move for you is to choose the right one! It has sensor functions that automatically adjust the time that is needed to cook, reheat or defrost. The kitchen aid OTR microwave has a cook-shield finish that makes it easier to wipe the interior of the microwave clean with a soft damp cloth so that you don’t have to waste all the time cleaning instead of cooking. It has a 1000-watt power that makes cooking your favorite food quickly and thoroughly on high power. Talking about the dimensions of the product the height is 17-1/4” Inches, the width is 30.0” Inches, and the depth is 16-1/4” Inches; besides this, the overall weight of the item is 67 lbs, the type of this microwave is OVER THE RANGE (OTR).

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