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Kitchenaid Ksm6573cer 6-qt. Professional 6000 Hd Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, Empire Red

Choosing A Amazon KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I cook a lot and often, and recently, due to the increased demand for marshmallows and souffle cakes, the acute question of purchasing a high-quality and professional stationary mixer of increased power has arisen. The choice fell on Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, which makes sense. It is an old American brand that has been producing stationary, and household mixers since the early twentieth century. The design and construction of Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer are patented and have remained unchanged since 1930. Interestingly, all the accessories for the additional port released since that time are perfectly interchangeable (but not the attachments, which are almost always designed for a specific series).

KitchenAid Stationary Mixers are so-called “planetary” mixers in which a spindle with an attachment rotates on its own axis and is located on another rotating shaft. The result is the effect of a “planet revolving around the sun”. Thanks to this design, everything is whipped and mixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Based on the fact that buying a stationary mixer is probably one of the most serious investments in kitchen appliances for decades, it was decided to look for the most versatile, powerful, and reliable model for reasonable money. But the choice of model turned out to be extremely difficult. Marketers deliberately confuse a potential buyer and the devil will break his leg on the Amazon kitchenaid ksm6573cer 6-qt. professional 6000 had bowl-lift stand mixer, empire red website.

Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Technical Characteristics

Often, the main technical characteristics and positioning are not specified, which makes it even more confusing. Prices range from $ 200 to several thousand US dollars, there are models with a tilt motor and a lifting bowl; with attachments in aluminum, coated aluminum, and steel; glass and steel bowls; different capacities and finishes. I have done extensive marketing research on mixer selection in general and kitchenaid ksm6573cer 6-qt. professional 6000 hd bowl-lift stand mixer, empire red in particular. I consider it my duty to share the results with you. Looking ahead, I have chosen the  KitchenAid Professional 6500.

This is a model with a direct current (DC) motor, maximum power for household models, very quiet, and with increased fault tolerance. And so, all mixers are divided into series and they can be conditionally divided “by ability” – mixers “basic”, “advanced”, “professional” and “commercial”. And “abilities” directly depend on the power, which increases from the initial line to the commercial one. When choosing a mixer, it is important to understand what it will be used for. This will save you money and hassle. If you plan to just whip cream, meringue, and bake a dozen cookies on holidays, then there is no point in taking a kitchenaid professional 6000 HD. A basic mixer is enough for you. But if you plan to bake loaves every day for a family of five, then even an “advanced” mixer will burn out in a couple of weeks. For simplicity, I will summarize everything in several tables for clarity.

Kitchenaid Mixer Professional 6000 Difference in Prices

Entry-level models include the Classic, Classic Plus, and Artisan Mini (Design) series. Despite the difference in prices, from the cheapest to quite expensive, they are united by one thing – low power and small size. These kitchenaid professional 6000 hd, with a volume of 3.5-4.5 quarts (~ 3-4 liters), are ideal for small families who occasionally prepare light confectionery, such as whipped cream, and meringues, and do not make heavy dough for bread. If you want to save money and rarely cook, then this is your option. In addition, the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Artisan Mini series is specially designed for small apartments. This series uses a quiet but more expensive DC motor.

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