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Kitchenaid Kl26m1xer Professional 6-qt. Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

For almost a century now  , KitchenAid has  adhered to the simple Serious About Food principle, and its products are reliable, always have a unique design and carefully thought out technical characteristics to the smallest detail.

Serious About Food

Following Serious About Food, every day and relentlessly transforms the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer lifestyle into something unique and special that fully reflects the spirit of the company. We believe that food not only gives energy to our body but is much more. Food scrupulousness isn’t just about the cooking process. This principle carries a deeper meaning – the perception of the world with all senses and a passion for perfectly cooked dishes.

This principle also carries with it the fullness of our joy that we want and can share our feelings expressed through the culinary arts with others.

Excellent technical characteristics

When Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer develops its products, it always goes for advice from professionals, takes into account all their comments and suggestions. Our unique, high quality products spark the passion for culinary thanks to their professional characteristics.

Anyone, from novice to seasoned hobbyist, chooses a KitchenAid appliance once and creates a tandem partnership and remains true to this strong tandem forever, as all appliances are designed and manufactured in collaboration with professional chefs. As a logical result of this long-term tandem, the entire range of our products has appeared, which, thanks to the technologies and materials used, always guarantee perfect results.

Unrivaled Quality

When you get to know Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer appliances for the very first time, you notice and note not only their beautiful appearance but also their reliable quality and toughness to the touch. It’s easy to realize that Kitchenaid kl26m1xer professional 6-qt. bowl-lift stand mixer appliances only come with superior materials combined with meticulous attention to detail.

Our stainless steel appliances deserve special attention, because looking at them and touching them with your hands, you feel their reliability combined with the quality of workmanship. The harmonious combination of what you see with your eyes and what is then felt under your fingers just perfectly complements the feeling of delight from the carefully thought-out details in the objects of all our technology

Unique Design

kitchenaid kl26m1xer professional 6-qt. bowl-lift stand mixer cooking tools, like the entire range of small and large household appliances, have been creating a unique atmosphere in every kitchen for decades, differing from others with their unforgettable daring appearance, which is based on the legendary design of a stand mixer

There is no doubt that traditionally unchanged principles – design, superior materials and attention to detail – have been and continue to be the basis for all Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer small and large appliances.

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