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Where have you been my entire life? Will be your reaction when you’ll first use this KitchenAid
commercial countertop mixer, now you must be wondering what is so exceptional about this mixer? It’s
very heavy duty and has a 1.3 HB motor which is very quiet. This mixer originated to sprint longer and
delivers excellent torque with less heat. Smoothly mixes recipes that need prolonged mixing, kneading,
and whipping like gluten doughs. Its large volume allows you to amalgamate recipes with up to 16 cups
of flour, 13 dozen of cookies, or even kneading dough for 81/4 loaves of bread in a single bowl. It’s a
powerful tech that delivers consistent power while diminishing heat built up, plus it gives a long-lasting
performance. Women are really much into cleaning so it is a very eyecatching point for them that its
equipment is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The equipment that is included in this kitchen stand mixer is a powerful spiral dough hook flat beater and a stainless steel wire whip.

The most surprising features of this mixer are it has a sturdy bowl to support high power for different
functions and is significant for any task or recipe, whether you’re mixing dry or wet ingredients together,
kneading the dough for bread, or whipping the cream. If talking about its color nowadays everyone goes
for black, red, or silver but this KitchenAid commercial countertop mixer has a very unique color Nickel
Pearl however if you’re a fan of light colors you should surely grab your KitchenAid commercial countertop mixer.


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