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KitchenAid Artisan White Mixer with Hobnail Bowl

KitchenAid Artisan White Mixer with Hobnail BowlYou’ve probably heard of the company Kitchenaid, which has produced tens of successful products over the years, whether you’re looking to do a kitchen remodel or just want to add more appliances to your kitchen.

Amazon Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Classic and Kitchenaid artisan with Hobnail Bowl are both manufactured by the same company, but they are two distinct mixers. This article will explain the distinctions between them so that you can determine which mixer is best for you before making a final decision.

Which is better, the Kitchenaid Classic or the Artisan?

The Kitchenaid Classic and Artisan are two of the company’s most popular small mixers. The best cooking stand for you will be determined by how much you use it and how frequently you use it. The classic and artisan mixers are by far the most popular around the world. If you bake once in a while but aren’t a big baker, the classic is probably your best bet.

Both mixers have many of the same features and functions (such as dough hooks), and there are hundreds of accessories available for each model. There is no longer a price difference between these two models because Artisan mixers have become more expensive in the last year and now match the price of the classic.

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