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Kitchenaid Artisan Metallic Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid Artisan Metallic Stand Mixer

The kitchenaid artisan metallic stand mixer is a durable stainless steel stand mixer that looks sleek yet powerful. This model comes in two sizes – 14″ and 15” – (both come standard with four attachments and features) and boasts a large round shape for mixing easily and the smooth glide effect makes blending easy and precise. While the kitchenaid stands as a sturdy and reliable stand mixer, it can also be used at home on countertop or even on countertop racks. Its durable design makes this kitchen aid stand mixer stylish, functional, affordable, and sustainable. The kitchenaid brand has designed its models of all-new materials but no other manufacturer could make such a high quality product. As an artist and craftsman, I had the pleasure to build my first stand mixer using the kitchenaid brand’s professional line of products. It was quite refreshing to use the material and work. My stand mixer is about 42” long by 17” wide. For this purpose, I used some parts from one of our older kitchen appliances and made other changes to fit my new stand mixer. After all those modifications, I decided to change other parts by adding an extra blade and hand mixer attachment. I had no idea how delicate the kitchenaid brand’s product was until I got to the part where I attached another attachment to it. When I was done, I put them on it and left it there until I needed something else.

Available in Different Colors and Designs

Kitchenaids stands are available in different colors and designs but you need to check the availability before buying. Each stand uses three blades for blending and it works very fast. You won’t find any creaking noise; just go ahead and get your desired result. Most recipes recommend it is best to use fresh ingredients because of their sharp edge quality. Once we got hold of our order, we took a few minutes to assemble it. When assembling, the door handles and base plate went into place, and then my hand mixer came out. At this time, the handle for the hand mixer got pushed down below the sink and I couldn’t turn it off. Luckily, while we were still in the process, my hand mixer didn’t have the same squeaky sounds as when we assembled the oven, microwave, blender, pot, etc. Once I turned it back on, it gave me the most delightful Kitchenaid Artisan Metallic Stand Mixer and the desired results. During these moments, the thermometer kept reading 50-65°C (about 121-142 degrees Fahrenheit), which was the ideal temperature for baking bread and cakes. We waited for the food to cool off. Then, after waiting, we put the bowl on the stand of our hand mixer and started to blend foods. Finally, with one more push, the hand mixer moved away. Not bad at all! After taking some seconds off to clean it, we added some ice cubes (I did not have to do so because I was already prepared for it). Since we weren’t sure what would happen now, all the bowls were closed and we did it again.

When I was finished, we checked the consistency after the last addition. The color appeared to look like it was being dripped and the mixture looked slightly sticky. The final step was putting the mixture into a dish with ice cubes. After doing so, we kept stirring and mixing on our work bench and kept checking the water level, and found that it reached a maximum of 3cm. When the water level was too low, we would need to add more ice cubes instead of adding more fresh fruits and vegetables. To avoid overcooking, we added lemon juice. It took us a minute to notice that everything tasted good and then it was ready to be served and consumed.

I will always tell people who say “I am never satisfied.” When I think about the Kitchenaid artisan metallic stand mixer, it made me feel fulfilled. On that day, I wanted to make better recipes, but I was facing lots of difficulties during the preparations like the amount of time we had, the price, or the labor involved. Looking back at kitchenaid artisan metallic stand mixer project later, I remembered the words of Henry Ford: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! If you want it badly enough that’s enough–and if you don’t care about anything else, that too is enough!” So far, I didn’t achieve anything, but I will continue working on my projects. With all the effort and hard work, I achieved what I wanted and now I’ll enjoy serving even more creations for other people. And if you’re planning to have stand mixer, make sure it looks stylish but powerful.

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