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Kitchenaid 8 QT Commercial Stand Mixer

More and more brands are moving into kitchen aid products. In this modern world where technology is so advanced; it’s becoming increasingly difficult for one to find a basic kitchen aid gadget that can do almost everything you need in life. But what’s different about these commercial mixers is that they are very much capable and offer an extremely efficient solution for your kitchen. They also come with a huge number of features that make them perfect for many people out there. You name it, they’ll have it done…

Kitchenaid 8 QT Commercial Stand Mixer

It’s been a long time since I last ordered a commercial mixer kit, but I’ve finally made up my mind. This Kitchenaid 8 QT Commercial Stand Mixer set comes with some amazing kitchen items, which will definitely fit most houses. It is also great when it comes to cleaning, as it makes it easy to get rid of all those unwanted spots on countertops, and gives them a beautiful finish. It is simple to use and works amazingly well, which means you have to do only a few steps to finish your work. From blending to the final result you are going to love how easy it looks. There is a large dishwasher safe stainless steel container that is designed to be used in the microwave. It’s also designed to fit any size space.

Let’s start our journey!

KitchenAid 8 Qt Commercial Stand Mixers: Let’s start our journey! We had to choose between two mixers: Kettles Mixer or 2 Qt Scale Mixer. The smaller scale is not really suited for working on big batches, so it isn’t ideal for home kitchens. However, the bigger scale mixer can function both on small and larger quantities. For me I felt that the Kettle mixer was better than the scaled version because it allowed easier control over each stage. Plus the fact that you don’t need to worry about your weight at all, making it portable too – it’s lightweight, compact and durable.

Before we go any further then let us take a look at the pros and cons –


  • Easy to Use
  • Portable & Compact Design
  • Suitable for All Size Spaces


  • Costly
  • Miscible
  • Abandoned Packaging
  • No Cleaning Removable Carton
  • No Disposable Pipes

The Pros of using the kitchenaid 8 qt commercial stand mixer:

It’s very versatile and will work with virtually anything, whether it’s chopping onions or carrots, sieving potatoes, stirring grains, boiling rice without letting it boil, or washing vegetables.

  • Very powerful
  • It can easily reach the correct amount of water required to prepare the food
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain
  • It ensures that no messes and odors are left behind
  • It helps in managing high temperature liquids in such settings (hot ovens, hot water, etc.) without interfering with its other functions.

The Cons of using the 8 QT Commercial Stand Mixer:

  • It’s quite bulky and heavy to carry
  • It gives less flexibility
  • Has nothing to keep it cool with
  • It doesn’t have the ability to stop once it is heated

This is where kitchenaid brings another level of power. With the addition of an additional large, wide basin the unit becomes capable of working for any type of liquid food preparation. It is also capable of doing several jobs at once as opposed to any one job at the same time. Now, let us go through the main component of the kitchenaid mixer; the pot or bowl, which is basically responsible for blending the ingredients. Unlike most other mixers, the pots here are pretty tall and narrow to prevent the spread of heat from drying your hands and other surfaces. Also, it is a bit thicker to allow the food to flow freely as opposed to a thin plate, which might hinder movement.

Another Feature:

Another feature that allows this Kitchenaid 8 QT Commercial Stand Mixer to take advantage of the larger containers is its large base; this is a convenient place for food to be cooked up. Besides all the above-mentioned features there is a little compartment that serves as a sort of measuring cup. There is also a side handle for transporting the mixer from table to table. With the introduction of a second bowl, there was nothing stopping this blender from being used in multiple locations, particularly if you have a separate freezer or a massive saucepan as well. With one bowl it’s like having two units of the same mixer in one. That aside, its design enables easy storage, which not only saves some floor space but also minimizes the storage costs and keeps all your kitchen essentials in a single place.

When I took my first stab at researching and buying this product, I did not realize how much I needed a good mixer to be able to smooth down grated cheese or dry pasta. But from the moment I saw all the prerequisites and specs I couldn’t resist. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a kitchenaid 8 qt commercial stand mixer now!

Kitchenaid Refurbished Stand Mixer

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