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Kitchenaid 6 qt Glass Bowl Stand Mixer


The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Artisan Professional Planetary Mixer with multi-attachment options features a 6.9L bowl perfect for meeting the culinary needs of a large family. With it, any dish will become so easy to prepare that you will never cease to be amazed at the possibilities of the kitchen machine for many years.

Prepare salads in minutes, create perfect thin dough baked goods, mix cocktails, sauces and cream soups. With Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer , all this will take a minimum of time and will give you true pleasure from the process. Say no to routine, robbed forces and messy kitchens!


The  Planetary Mixer is the king of the kitchen. This machine is capable of literally anything. Even the standard equipment allows you to work wonders:

  • the set includes a polished stainless steel bowl, which is shock-resistant, prevents oxidation of products and does not saturate them with extraneous aromas;
  • large steel whisk suitable for mousses, creams and perfectly beaten eggs;
  • a stirring paddle is perfect for making all kinds of creams and sauces;
  • steel dough hook kneads the most delicate base of yeast or non-yeast raw materials for pizza, pies and other baked goods;
  • the protective rim prevents pollution of the surrounding space – the mixer operates at high speeds, without the rim, spray could spread throughout the kitchen.

Among the functional features of the kitchenaid 6 qt glass bowl stand mixer are: a convenient lever-shaped speed control, as well as a lifting mechanism for attaching the bowl. With this technique, you do not have to worry about the bowl “sliding” or leaving the place of attachment.

Fact! The protective rim has a large funnel for loading additional food during cooking.

Take a closer look at the technical excellence of American home appliances: 10 speeds, planetary mixing of ingredients, a powerful motor in an all-metal housing, impeccable stability on the surface and absorption of vibrations. For such power, the combine is extremely quiet and whips and chops food several times faster than other models.

Forget lumps in sauces, unevenly beaten eggs, dough not mixed with flour to a smooth consistency … With the kitchenaid 6 qt glass bowl stand mixer food processor, your time in the kitchen is an amazing adventure full of pleasant emotions!

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