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Amazon Kitchen Aid Stone Island 9-Burner Grill Model 860-0003c

Amazon kitchen aid stone island 9-burner grill model 860-0003c

Reaching this kitchen model means you are a true cooking lover or your innerchef couldn’t resist you for reaching out here. If you are planning to have a start-upof any eatery or planning to have a separate outdoor primary kitchen at your house so you step into the right site. The kitchen aid brings you an Amazon kitchen aid stone island 9-burner grill model 860-0003c that is too extraordinary to cook. This 9-burner grill model 860-0003c have a variety of features that will surely makeyour cooking interesting. From steaks to seafood every food would be cooked and grilled with the aroma of intricacy.

The burners of the Amazon kitchen aid stone island 9- burner grill model 860-0003c grilled and cooks different variety of foods according to their need of burning  capacity, that includes; 

  • 5 main burnerswith 1 rear burner. 
  • 2 turbo side burner.
  • 1 searing side burner.

The seafood you want to cook for yourself and the steaks you want to grill without burning their taste, thesearing burner procures searing heat that keep remain the taste of your food as you want or as you eat at restaurants. 

The other features that the Amazon kitchen aid stone island 9-burner grill model  860-0003c holds are; 

  • Deluxe kitchen aid temperature gauge
  • Deluxe kitchen aid grill cover included.
  • Total 1193.27 square inches of cooking surface
  • Deluxe cabinet door hinges. 
  • Two built-in storage drawers with ball bearing slides.
  • Built-in storage shelvesinside the cabinet.
  • Built-in tank pull out tray on ball-bearing slides.

 All these features altogether make the cooking in an area easy and manageable as not your food but your area of the kitchen with quality features will remain set after cooking also for making it look

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