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Are you really about for your missing Kitchen Aid spice grinder attachment? You don’t need to be because kitchen aid has a perfect solution for everything, they keep their customers updated, happy, and satisfied with their services. They manufacture their spare parts so that customers can be updated and use their products without difficulty. The spare parts are not as high-priced as you think, they are easily available at affordable prices so that everyone can buy without any problem. You can trust them with their spare parts and their kitchen aid mixers and refrigerators; trust me you’ll never regret it. 

Kitchen Aid spice grinder attachment Kit, Stainless Steel is the perfect choice for grinding your masala and other things you thought of grinding, it has sharp blades that thoroughly grinders all the spices and turn them into powder form. It has a beautiful silver color and is dishwasher safe. Talking about the dimensions of the item the length is 3.2 inches, the width is 3.2 inches and the height is 2.65 inches, besides this, the overall weight of the item is 0.3 pounds. The material of which this kitchens id spice grinder attachment is made up of is pure stainless steel. The grinder attachment comes up with Stainless steel grinding bowls, (2) an Airtight storage lid, and (1) a shaker lid. The measurement marking is already present on the attachment so that you can easily know how much quantity you need. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours now before it’s out of stock.


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