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Having a garbage compactor nowadays is really very important, all you need to do is put all the trash in that versatile box and free from all the mess and dirt, and not just this it also has an odor system so that all the bad smells can be canceled due to the odor system and get free from all the pollution. Kitchen aid has almost all the kitchen appliances that you need to survive in your kitchen they have the best kitchen aid stand mixers, refrigerators, ovens, and gas stoves, and besides this, they also have the best kitchen aid garbage compactors parts for your garbage compactor that are 100% original so that you need to buy a new garbage compactor, kitchen aid has always been a lifesaver.

The Trash Compactor Parts include 15-inch compactor bags, a drive gear kit, a drawer roller, touch-up paint-white, spray paint-12 oz. – white, drive motor, wheel assembly – kit of two, charcoal filter, switch knob, deodorizer block – green apple. They all have different functions to perform such as the compactor bag used to store all the trash until you won’t want to discard all the trash. The touch paint helps in covering all marks and stretches on the garbage compactor so that it can be saved from any cosmetic damage. The wheel assembly helps in moving the compactor from one place to another. Last but not least the charcoal filter helps in removing odors from the compactor with the help of air circulating inside the compactor. What else do you want? You’re getting all the parts for your garbage compactor! Plus they are all 100% original and as good as new!

Lay your hands on these parts before they are out of stock.

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