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Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Miniature but very powerful like its “big brothers”, the green kitchen aid stand mixer is a great companion in the kitchen. The mini mixer is perfect for a medium to a small family, without limiting the user’s culinary fantasies. You will discover the wonderful world of the art of cooking without discomfort and unnecessary movements.

The Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer mixes ingredients in 2 directions: the nozzle rotates in one direction and the holder rotates in the opposite direction for better mixing. The set of the tabletop kitchen machine includes all the necessary accessories for culinary creativity.

Become a chef and cook delicious, beautiful, and wholesome dishes:

  • Mix cocktails;
  • Make mashed potatoes and cream soups;
  • Create luxurious cakes and desserts;
  • Beat eggs, cream, and sauces;
  • Grind dough and meat, eggs, and other foods;
  • There are no restrictions –  additional attachments will significantly expand the functions of the device!

American Kitchen Mixer Aid Artisan

American kitchen mixer Aid Artisan works quietly and without unnecessary vibrations thanks to the all-metal body.

The Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer with a bowl has the power and beauty of older models.

Prepare any dish 10 times faster than using other appliances:

  • Easily change attachments by folding back the bed or unscrewing the socket on the front of the case;
  • Adjust the speed, depending on the situation – as many as 10 speeds are provided for the preparation of a wide range of dishes, to achieve the ideal, experiment;
  • The bowl holder prevents ingredients from slipping and splashing.

Use the mixer every day and be sure of its reliability: designed for continuous use in a professional kitchen.

The KitchenAid comes standard with several attachments:

  • Rounded whisk – whips and mixes into an ideal consistency;
  • Stirring paddle – used for thicker mixtures and purees;
  • Dough hook – made of nylon coated aluminum;
  • 3.3 l bowl – the best option for a family with any number of people.

All KitchenAid elements are dishwasher safe and the cabinet is dirt and scratch resistant.

Green Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Ice

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