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Amazon Cocoa Silver Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

The Artisan Multipurpose Mixer is a unique tool for enjoying all the creative delights in your kitchen. Designed for high-quality home cooking, this outstanding home appliance will continually surprise you with great results and delight the eye with its stylish design.

Amazon Cocoa Silver Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

The Amazon Cocoa Silver kitchenaid stand mixer has a tilting head. During the operation of the mixer, the nozzle moves along the inner volume of the bowl and at the same time rotates around its axis against the direction of its movement. For mixing minced meat and other thick products, use a spatula nozzle. A hook attachment is used to mix very thick dough. The set includes: a plastic rim for filling food into the bowl and a plastic lid for the bowl. In the front of the mixer there is a slot for additional attachments that turn it into a versatile food processor, which made it an indispensable assistant in the kitchens of American housewives and provided millions in sales worldwide 25 years old.

Features of the

  • speed modes allow you to whip or mix any type of dough
  • Smooth, rounded shapes – pleasant to use and easy to clean
  • Full stainless steel body – robust, stable
  • Powerful motor – quiet, reliable and durable
  • Planetary mixing function – fast, thorough mixing
  • One accessory slot – ease of use and functionality


  • Mixer
  • Dough hook
  • Whisk
  • Bowl capacity: 4.83 l
  •  Stirring paddle
  • Protective rim

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