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Buy online KSM150 BOWL WEIGHT In USA


Kitchen aid has a variety of kitchen aid mixers, refrigerators, ovens, etc, they have almost every kitchen appliance that you need to survive in your kitchen. The design and color choices are very vast so you just need to use the right one for you. They also have the spare parts for your mixers such as whisks, blenders, bowls, and every single that is needed, kitchen aid has always been a lifesaver and makes sure that their customers are always satisfied with their services and get everything that they want on their doorsteps, they have all the type of sizes if you need a small bowl or a big bowl for your professional use, what you need to do is just pick up your phones place the order for your favorite product, and boom in a couple of weeks you’re using that product. 

Now coming to the topic “ksm150 bowl weight”. The ksm150 is an artisan series tilt head bowl mixer that is manufactured by kitchen aid and is designed to perform various tasks like whipping, mixing and etc it helps you in your daily baking chores. It comes with the following accessories:

  • 1 x flat beater
  • 1 x wire whisk 
  • 1 x dough hook
  • 1 x pouring shield
  • 1 x 4.8L stainless steel bowl

The weight of the ksm150 bowl is approximately 12.4 kg as per my information it can probably be of more weight. You can use this bowl for making a large amount of cake batter and more than one batch of cookie dough.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours!



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